Since its establishment, Y&G Corporation Bhd, a public listed company and is listed on the Main Market of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. We are a dynamic property development and investment company.

Our expertise have empowered us to build a plethora of portfolio of development projects and investment assets, spanning the residential, commercial and industrial sectors in some of Malaysia’s most strategic locations.

Our team consists of remarkably highly qualified, extremely dedicated, experienced and talented professionals who aim at achieving client satisfaction and building long term relationships with all our shareholders and every stakeholder.

Driven by passion and zest for innovation, the Company is in pursuit of embracing harmony between nature, human and architecture in adherence to its corporate mission of “Transforming Lives”.


Transforming Lives

Our Vision

To be a leader in the development and marketing of quality and competitively priced residential, commercial and industrial properties to our customer.

Our Mission

Residential property development is our core business, our primary responsibility is to develop and provide our customers with the ultimate home experience at affordable prices with the objective of creating and enhancing shareholders’ value.

Our Values

We put strong emphasis on motivating and conditioning our people.

Y&G Corporation emphasizes & practices “5W” philosophy:-

  • We care for our people, for they are our greatest asset
  • We are service-focused and aim to excel in customer service
  • We aim to provide a healthy culture and environment for the growth of our people and the community that we serve
  • We nurture our people for improvement and excellence
  • We are prepared to change to be progressive