In line with good corporate governance practices, the Board, Management and employees of Y&G Corporation Bhd are committed to creating a corporate culture within the Group and among its stakeholders an exemplary corporate culture of the highest standard of professionalism and ethical mannerism. 

The Board of Directors of Y&G Corporation Bhd fully subscribes to the Code of Conduct and Ethics which articulates acceptable practices and guide the behaviour of directors, management and employees as stated below:

  • Good conduct and ethical behaviour on the part of company directors is not negotiable;
  • Ethical behaviour cannot be a justification for poor performance;
  • The stewardship of a Director is first towards the Company and its shareholders, and then to all other stakeholders;
  • Directors must support all applicable national and local laws, rules, regulations and Company’s policies and procedures; unfair practices, avoidance of collusion, and the abuse or the unscrupulous use of economic power;
  • Preparation of the Group’s business records shall be in accordance with applicable laws, regulation and accounting standards. No unauthorised, false, improper, misleading recording is permitted under any circumstances;
  • Disclosure of confidential, sensitive and proprietary Company information acquired in the course of employment without proper authorisation, is strictly prohibited unless the disclosure is duly authorised or legally mandated.  Employment can be terminated as such and legal remedial action can be taken;
  • Shall not take advantage of your position for the purpose of personal gain from information acquired through your employment;
  • Prevent corrupt practices which include the offering and acceptance of gratification as stated in the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy;
  • Avoid involve themselves in situations where there is a real or apparent conflict of interest between them as individuals and the interest of the Group;
  • No Director or employee shall use price sensitive, non-public information, which can affect the price of the securities of the Company or any other Companies until it becomes publicly known (“Inside Information”) for personal benefit. No Director or employee shall trade in securities of the Company or any other Companies until the Inside Information is publicly released;
  • Shall not use the Group’s assets and funds for personal gain;
  • The work environment shall be free of any sexual harassment and racial tension;
  • Encourage the reporting of unlawful or unethical behaviour; and
  • All employees of the Group and stakeholders shall be treated fairly and equally without regards to the race, creed, religion, gender, nationality, age and disability.

This policy shall be reviewed on a two-year basis or at any earlier interval when required.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 11 June 2020.